Wednesday, May 11, 2011

Time and Knowledge

I'm 17 years old, about to be 18 this August 19. I'm now in college, and Its going to be my 2nd year here, but technically, I'm still going to be labeled as a 1st year student, since I will be shifting to a Bachelor of Arts in English this coming school year (June). My IT (Information Technology) career is over. I couldn’t handle the Maths there. I'm supposedly set on taking a Multimedia major in 3rd year of my IT course, but I found out that the multimedia program in our school isn’t really good. It’s not properly developed and even my adviser said that it's better to take on another course than to continue my IT career and major in Multimedia. And anyway, I hate math and love English. Math and Linguistics are on the opposite poles of a human’s intelligence.  I have an IQ of 124 (thanks to my high scores in Language), I'm not a genius but I am already contented of my intelligence. My Emotional Intelligence is probably 0 HAHA.

Anyway, I forgot to mention that I am a debater. I'm ignorance-intolerant, and I get easily frustrated when talking with illogical and irrational people (that includes my mom). I love Parkour, and wall climbing. I love to watch soccer, but I'm not really good in playing it. I don’t like basketball, but I love to watch the Dallas Mavericks team. I also know how to throw knifes and daggers.
I'm a nocturnal, a night stalker, or a night person. I become active at 3pm to 3am. When there’s no class, I usually sleep at 2-3am, and wake up at 11 or 12. But when school’s around, I try to sleep at 12am, and wake up 2 hours before my class starts, it's a different schedule for every subject, but in general, I wake up at 9am

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