Sunday, May 15, 2011

Secularization and Philippines' Reproductive Health Bill

For hundreds of years, the Philippines has been known as the only Christian country in the lot of Asia. Although I would be proud for it to be called a “Christian” country in general, but what reality told me is that Philippines is a “Catholic” country (Yes, for thousands of years, people have been debating whether Catholicism is Christian or not. I personally don’t believe it is.) Anyway, Catholicism arrived and was introduced here in the Philippines by the Spaniards who took over our lands and raped our ancestors. They shoved Catholicism down the throats of the natives and controlled the Philippines.
The impressions I get whenever I hear “Catholicism” in the matters of Politics and State issues are:
“Conservative, Traditional, Degrading, Burden, Irrational, Selfish…etc” 

I strongly believe that a country’s ground for moral and ethical basis should be coming from the Christian Bible. That’s about it. 

However, when a cute commercial featuring 2 kids talking about their relationship and how the boy doesn’t want a girlfriend because he couldn’t cope up with a girls unreasonable demands.. etc..(YES I AM Talking about the McDonalds Fries: Boyfriend Girlfriend commercial) is BANNED from airing on television, just because a Religious sect(CBCP) believes it is “IMMORAL and had SEXUAL CONTENT”, it's really a different story now.  First thing to be said is: CBCP does not know sh*t about business or advertising psychology.  Just because there's two kids (probably below 8yrs old) talking about having a relationship, doesn’t mean that the other kids who watched that particular commercial would drop dead and say “Eoh Meh Gawd! I should have a girlfriend too! Right now! I don’t care what mom says, it's a conspiracy! The TV just showed it to me! Now all I need is 25 pesos to buy McDo fries, give it to a hooker, and then expect her to hold my hands, kiss me, and We Are On!” The CBCP (Gay Pedophiles and Molesters Organization)  complained to the MTRCB about that commercial on emotional grounds. They complained because maybe… THEY JUST FELT LIKE IT… or probably for another reason… *evil laugh*....................

YEP! The RH Bill. Several weeks before that commercial got banned, the anti-RH bill wackos are desperate to have supporters. They know that the PRO-RH guys are growing fast in numbers… I mean EXTREMELY fast. Currently, the statistics everywhere online goes about 75% Pro RH and 25% Anti RH.  That’s why they need to move quickly too, and have another plan. So, they told EVERY Catholic church in the Philippines to disperse Anti-RH Posters everywhere (showcasing Mary with Jesus in the womb… I don’t see the point), and there's on other churches when the Priests asked the crowd who were in favor of the RH Bill [hands raised] the priests immediately told them to go out from their church. HAHA. Losers. Atleast by that time , there's a lot of people who converted away from Catholicism because they were disgusted with its medieval and radical system.

Japan. They have a large number of people, their country is small, and is composed of groups of islands. But why is Japan 600% more advanced in every aspect compared to the Philippines? Their economy is great, their medical advancement is flourishing, their technology research is pioneering, and everything there is just better than the Philippines. Well the answer is obvious. Japan is a secular country. Every secular country in the world is doing great in terms of economy and development. Why? Because whenever someone in the office decides to pass a law/bill/implementations, there's no one, or no group trying to oppose it and say “We won't allow it because we don’t feel like it”.  Technically, in the Philippines, the Church is already separated from the State, but ask anyone around if they feel that it's really separated, and they would answer “I thought the Catholic Priests controls our country”

Let’s go back to the RH Bill. I am a Christian (not really the best one you can find), but I know for sure that the RH Bill does not violate any of what is written in the Bible. One says “Go to the world and multiply”… well God said to COVER the [entire] earth. NOT cover the entire Philippines! 300,000 square kilometers, but with almost 100million people living in poverty? Come on. Don’t you think it's a bit enough for “multiplying”? Anyway, it's not about the quantity here. It's about the quality of life a child can have. 

The bottom line is, what’s gonna happen after this? After the RH Bill, when there's another bill or law to be passed, and the Catholics don’t like it… will we start another chaos again? Infact, the Catholics must not even have a say about any of this since the Philippines is not an ALL Catholic country. We have a lot of Protestant denominations everywhere, and a lot of muslims in the south. When will the Philippines grow to be a developed country if there are hindrances and annoying obstacles blocking the road to success?
Freedom of men under government is to have a standing rule to live by, common to everyone in that society… and not to be subject to the inconstant, uncertain, unknown arbitrary will of another man.

As a Christian, I say, stop Religious oppression. Respect other faith, respect other people, respect the decision of our government.  Even Christ Himself was against the idea of Religion and Tradition.

atleast this mother here, knows how to think

Come on Filipinos, its gonna be 120million people in 2012. 


  1. Bravo. I disagreed on a few points, but at least your expensing your indignation for the RH cause.

  2. I don't agree with all of this but we desperately need to limit the population whether through force or propaganda :D

  3. volpes genius blogging man really appreciate it.
    especially the part about religious freedom man i totally support it

  4. @Keenan
    I agree, but doubt that can be done effectively without backlash also

  5. How can you say Catholicism is not Christian?
    Surely as the faith believes in the coming of Jesus Christ as the messiah that denotes the Christian background of the religion.
    I would like to talk further on this matter with you.

  6. Very far out views but you have some interesting ideas.
    Great post, followed!

  7. religion can be a beautiful thing. It can also bcause unforgivable tragedy.

  8. Religion is based on stupidity.

  9. The catholic church set the example fundamentalist islam is trying to follow today. Scary stuff.

  10. Wow, good post man. Never quite knew what the philipines were in for. That last picture was harsh.

    Good read.


  11. Yeah, well why does she have 4 children when she knows she can't feed them. Religion should just be discarded with, as a whole. The world would be a much different place, don't know for better or worse though.

  12. This is incredibly sad. I have many Filipino friends (they're a large minority in Hawaii), but I've never heard them speak out about what's happening in their home country.

    Its not a popular opinion, but I think a woman should have the right to preventative contraceptives (birth control, IUDs, condoms if nothing else!).

  13. THANK YOU VERY MUCH to everyone who commented on this post. Well the middle class and the upper class here in the Philippines are actually equal in terms of standards of living as the middle and upper class on other countries. But the poor here are actually REALLY poor. Yep Catholicism has been bugging down our system for years since the spanish invasion.
    whatever happened to separation of church and the state.

    I appreciate your comments. : )

  14. I had no idea this was happening. If this truly is that case, that religious censorship is happening in the Philippines, I would like to read more about it.

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