Wednesday, May 11, 2011

Osama and Obama

It was during Labor Day, when I heard the news: “Osama Bin Laden – Finally Dead” and I was like: “Seriously?” with a blank but doubtful face.  Then Obama just had a speech regarding their raid operation in Pakistan. It was all confusing.
(tl;dr? You may go directly to the bottom of this post and read the last part if you don’t have 3 minutes to read this following block)

The moment I heard his name; “OSAMA” I immediately thought about the 9/11 attack.
No, don’t get me wrong here, it’s not that I believe he was behind the attack, but because HE was the one blamed for the attack. And after that, Americans now have a valid reason to be racist against the Middle Eastern.  I’m not one who believes everything the media says, infact I don’t actually believe that everything they say is 100% true. I know it because my dad once worked as a journalist. There’s one time a disaster happened, with 13 people dead, but the news company he worked for (Leading newspaper in the Philippines) didn’t like it. And so made it through the headlines with 53 people dead. Now 13 and 53 are really different numbers… I mean REALLY different. Also, whenever the government wants something to be hidden, they immediately contact the media to report something fake, divert people’s attention, or totally hide the event that just happened. Anyway, 9/11? Here are my theories:

A. The towers
1)      CIA under the command of President Bush trains a middle eastern to act behind the camera and represent the terrorist group Al Qaeda . Expose himself on the news a couple of times to strike terror to people.
2)      He then hires 19 middle eastern to board 4 planes, hijack it, and do a kamikaze attempt directed to critical areas and infrastructures of the US, and blow them up
Chances are,  not any of those hijackers straight from the slums of Pakistan, who cant even do simple maths, HIJACK 4 PLANES AND MANUEVER it.  Plus, they had no guns, or any weapons aside from BOX CUTTERS. AND I don’t really think (no prejudice here, just being realistic) that those group of people are THAT smart to know precise and accurate strategic locations where to divert the planes. A plane crashed into a building like that of a twin towers would probably only blow up 5 or 10 stories. NOT a whole building that big. The impact was one the upper part of the building itself, but after days of investigating, reports show that the ground level of the building seemed to have exploded and caused the building to collapse down from the root. Also, the steel and metal frames of the ground level of the buildings were MELTED. But how exactly is that? When the planes impact where on the top levels of the towers? Weird eh?
3)      They placed C4 bombs in the building’s basement. No doubt about that really. Unless those towers stored millions of gallons of explosive thermites  underground (I don’t see the logic), the building shouldn’t have collapsed.
B. The Benefit
1)      We all know how precious oil is. And most of its source is in the middle east.  We also know how the US wants it so badly that they go to the middle east and kill innocent people saying “this is for counter terrorism” and actually steal their oil. Now, before 9/11, they had really no solid reason in attacking the middle east. But now that they have someone to blame, they can now go freely to Iraq and Pakistan and other countries and slaughter civilians who are just trying to defend their land.

C.  Where is Osama?
1)      After the 9/11, we haven’t heard about Osama anymore. Not a single soul knew where he was. And after 10 years, the US magically found Osama chillin in his crib in Pakistan? I don’t really get it.
Theories: -  After 9/11 He may have died in 2002 or the following years OR
                He is still alive right now laughing his ass off about this.
D. Bottom Line
Obama only did this so that he could win the trust of the Americans and re-elect him in the 2012 elections. Its that simple. First, they magically locate Osama, the Operation was to capture him alive, but then out of the blue, one soldier kills him because he is a pain in the ass, Osama and his guys there were unarmed, (Rules of engagement people!) Now they wouldn’t show a picture of his body because it might cause a controversy (on what? Because its obviously fake and photoshopped?) And they didn’t bury the body because it might become a shrine for Muslims (I’ve read the Quran, and trust me, if Osama really did those things, NO muslim would ever go there) so THEY THREW THE F*CKING BODY TO THE SEA! Yeah that’s right! NO DAMN EVIDENCE. NOT A SINGLE PROOF.

And hey, don’t tell me about that DNA Bullsh*t, whos DNA is used to match it? And HOW the hell did they get the first material to match to the DNA they got now?  And if they did manage to get his DNA a couple of years ago, then who would say that this isn’t also the one they used now? Who can confirm that the DNA is his? The top elites? The ones who are worth showing it to? Is there even a DNA evidence?
I leave you with those questions. I hope you had the time to read and post your opinions here.

I may not agree with what you’ll say, but I will defend to death, your right to say it. Freedom
– peace out home dawgs : )


  1. great post. i agree about the DNA, i want to see proof and evidence that he is actually dead. great information!

  2. And the paranoid-rants begins in.....3...2...1....
    Your disloyal friend, V.

  3. While some of what you said holds a lot of weight, I don't think it's a case of them "magically" finding Osama, as the search never ended. Just because you don't hear about what they're doing doesnt make it any less true.


I may not agree with what you will say, but I will defend to death, your right to say it.