Saturday, May 7, 2011

My first blog

I still have no idea what to write, since all of my really good ideas before actually creating this blog was brushed off...THAT is because I spent about 2 hours finding a way to change the language here on my blog.

You know what I dont like? When you enter your location from the drop down menu, and the moment you hit the "Save" button, everything changes into the language used in your selected country. 

Anyway, I found its solution, so I should now stop whining and think of something useful.

Its 2:18 AM so, maybe I will continue posting tomorrow.

This is more or less a personal blog, highly opinionated but informative nonetheless.
Its about the things I encounter, virtually and in real life, as a teenager, an above average fame college metrosexual college student and a debater.
I am pretty sure that all of the posts here are easy to understand, and everyone can relate to it.

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