Wednesday, May 11, 2011

The Long story about my Pets

I love animals, I love nature, I have lots of pets, I haven’t spent a single day in my entire life(starting at 5 lol, I couldn’t remember my pets before it) without one. I had 7 dogs in total and 4 puppies right now, 5 of the dogs already died.
The first one, when I was about 5 or 7 years old was Sonic. He was a mutt, but looks exactly like a Labrador retriever.  He was probably the strongest dog for his size, and considering that he was a mutt. He was fast, strong, and always on the move. A very loyal dog, he died when I was 15 or 16, probably 3rd year highschool (2008). He died of old age… I didn’t really cry because I was expecting it. He was very sick in his last few days. It was really sad, and I wish he was still alive right now. We buried him in our backyard.
 But before he died, we already had Barbie; a Rottweiler in 2006. She was the reason why we moved in to a new house. She was given to us by my parents friend, who owned a lot of dogs and show-material rottweilers, she was an ordinary one, and called “just one of the dogs” so the owner gave them to us. She had puppies about 2-3 months shortly, so we had to move into a new neighborhood because the current one we stayed in wasn’t really a good environment in raising those puppies. 2 of them was given to Barbie’s previous owner, and about 2 of them were sold. It was VERY expensive raising purebred rotties. The papers and immunization alone costs much, as well as the anti-rabis and other injections.
The 3 left were Kiko (the same nick name of our mayor, since the puppies were born on his birthday), Preachy (like our grandmother Preciosa) and Kitchie (Kitchie Nadal, a singer who had a concert in our city, our church hosted the concert). They were still puppies when my dad decided to sell Preachy as a guard dog in his friend’s house. I often visited Preachy there and she still recognizes me. About 1 or 2 years afterwards, Preachy died trying to fend off a Cobra. She was bitten and died shortly. Kitchie was the biggest one, she was also sold when she was a puppy, to my parents friend to guard their warehouse of rice. She's the one who lived the longest, since she died just recently in 2010 or was it 2009. She was often on their store (and not on the warehouse) during daytime, and I also visit her often. Kiko was the one who remained with us, he was the 2nd runt of the group(the first one, named Dracula, died days after birth. Me and my brother named him Dracula because it sucked Barbie’s reproductive organ, lol, and it gave out blood) Kiko did not live to be an adult. He died of something about parasites in his stomach, my dad failed to give him immunizations (monthly). I knew something was wrong with him as he always lies on his stomach on an elevated surface and moan. My family brought him to our grandparents house one day ( I wasn’t there) and then Kiko died. They buried him outside, along with his spiked collar. It was sad not seeing him for the last time.
Anyway, Barbie died earlier before them. She died from a Heatstroke. My dad placed her leash on the fence (as he would every morning) but he went to work and forgot to transfer him back to the shades. We all went home and I was the first one who noticed Barbie lying on the ground. I went inside the gate and saw her nose with a track of dried blood on the ground. She was already dead hours ago.
Then there were the rabbits. My best friend, Al (Alfonso Cañete) had lots of rabbits at their home. When the time came their rabbits had offsprings, he decided to give 2 to me. I named the brown one Brunny, and the white one, Hunny. If I had known that the brown one was the female and the white one was the males, trust me, I shouldn’t have named them that way. Anyway, they lived peacefully in our backyard. We had an open lot backyard and they were free to run around everywhere. And sometimes they rest under the table and chairs in our porch. One morning, I woke up by my dad’s voice and his chatter with neighbors about a little dead rabbit beside our mango tree in the backyard. It was weird since we didn’t know that Hunny and Brunny had offspring’s. It was apparently killed by a stray cat. Cats love to kill baby rabbits. We searched everywhere for rabbit holes, and we found one just right outside my room (ofcourse, theres a wall separating my bed and the hole outside). We got about 2 or 3 bunnies inside it, I took them in, but my dad insisted on letting them outside. I was aware of the cat roaming around in search of other bunnies to kill. Days afterwards, we couldn’t find the rabbits anymore, we assumed that they were killed and taken by the stray cats. Then I found one rabbit alone in the backyard, he must have survived and the others were killed. He named him Baxter. He had a combination of gray and white fur. My stubborn parents still decided to let him outside, and the next thing we know, our neighbor told me about a dead rabbit in their backyard. It was him. He was probably taken by the cat and left it there. We tried to excavate the hole. We soon found rabbit skin and bones, days after the hole was destroyed. Which means brunny gave birth to a runt who died days after it was born, or a rat might have went inside the hole and killed it, OR there was still a bunny left when my brother destroyed the hole.
Months passed, and Brunny never had bunnies anymore. But then one rainy day, my brother found a baby rabbit in our front yard. We found the rabbit hole and got 5 bunnies, 3 grays, 1 white, and 1 tan(light brown). We placed them inside a big cage (which was intended for Barbie). That evening, while watching TV, we heard some squeaks. We thought it was a mouse, but the sound was loud and we can sense pain. I immediately went outside and caught the cat holding a light brown rabbit in its mouth. As I was about to rush in, the cat dropped the rabbit, and ran away. The poor rabbit tried to run to safety, to me (although he didn’t really knew me that well, but he must have thought that humans are safer than cats). It hid behind my foot, I picked it up, and went to the cage. I saw that there were 2 bunnies left. I also picked up the 2 survivors. This time, I insisted on letting them live inside the house. The ones left were Baxter(the second), she had gray fur, Ihid (Cebuano for Runt), also had gray fur, and Tan, because he had a Tan fur : ).
A Month or two after that, Hunny died. It was 1 am, I was on the living room, and I heard an animal squeaking, I thought it was the cat being killed by the dog, so I was happy, but then I realized cats don’t make that sound. I hurried outside and found 2 dogs each biting hunny’s body. My dad locked the gate and I had a hard time opening it. By the time I opened it, they were gone. I searched everywhere around the block, but it was no use. Morning came, and we found hunny’s body, outside the gates of our neighbor three houses away. Apparently, those stupid dogs were theirs. We took hunny’s body and threw him on the river outside the neighborhood. A few days afterwards, I woke up, with my dad saying, Brunny is also dead. She also went outside during the night, but this time the neighbors threw Brunny’s body in front of our gate. We knew their dogs killed her. What’s worse is that Brunny’s stomach was ripped open.
The three bunnies were extremely cute, except for Ihid, the runt. His fur was unlike any normal rabbit. It was soft, COTTON soft.  And so instead of her fur leaning down on her back, it was pointed in different directions. Just imagine a newly washed hair, and a hair that hadn’t been washed for 1 month.  The later part is of Ihid.  But she actually grew up and became really beautiful.
My dad bought an elegant flowering plant, and placed it in our front yard. One morning, my dad caught Tan chewing on the plant, and he immediately threw away Tan. Tan supposedly landed on his back on the edge of the pathway and died. (That was his story) But I believe he beat Tan to death with a stick or something, because of anger. I woke up and our helper/maid told me that Tan is buried backyard.
There are two rabbits left. BOTH were females. Now they lived the longest, than any of our rabbits. They lived peacefully for almost a year. And then Trixie came.
My dad went home at lunch, and brought home a puppy. She was a small khaki-tan colored terrier-shih tzu. Trixie quickly grew up, and became friends with the rabbits. Well they aren’t actually friends, because Trixie is always kept on a leash, but atleast she doesn’t bark at them every time she sees them. Not much was going on around at that time, and then this November 2010, my sister brought in a kitten from school, to my mom’s office. She said it was from her classmate, and her mom didn’t want to have kittens so they have to give the kittens away.
We took it home and named her (it's about to change) Maoui (maH-wee) it's because whenever she cries it sounds like “mahw” and not meow. We thought she was a girl, but it turned out just recently that the “she” was a “HE”.  We kept him inside the house for a few days, but then he always takes a crap under a table beside the sink.  And we don’t want to smell crap while we were eating. So my dad let it sleep outside. The next thing we know, we heard his screams one night. I rushed outside and found him in the mouth of the stray cat, and then I remembered how the exact situation happened to Tan. The cat also dropped Maoui and ran away. Poor Maoui, soaked in blood, ran towards me. He ran like a drunken man, falling side to side, I picked him up and kept him inside. He was really weak, I was afraid that he was going to die. His neck was bleeding, but after a few while, it stopped. I wrapped him in a lot of clothes and brought stuffed toys to him to play with, as well as water and food, but he just rested and rested til morning. He regained some of his strength in the morning, but I still let him sleep inside.
After a few days, my dad decided to let him sleep outside, I didn’t think it was a good idea, so he placed Maoui inside a clothes dumpster so he won't be attacked by the stray cat. Then one night, the screams happened again. The cat’s paws can fit exactly in the holes of the dumpster. It harassed Maoui every night. We decided to place Mauoi within the reach of Trixie’s leash. Soon enough, they became best friends. When the time came that Mauoi was big enough to know what to do in case the cat attacks again, we didn’t put him inside the dumpster anymore. Still, he always takes a crap inside our house. Then the time came when dad couldn’t take it anymore, he threatened to throw Maoui away if he still takes a crap inside. I insisted not to. I took him outside and we all tried out best not to let Maoui inside the house. He eventually goes inside the house every now and then and takes a crap. We immediately clean it. Now when Maoui can't get inside the house, he takes a crap in our doorstep. Whenever we caught him trying to take a crap, we immediately pick him up and transfer him to another place. It took weeks until he got the point. He now goes backyard and unloads his crap there.
It didn’t take long until December arrived. Just days before Christmas, we got a new dog from my mom’s office mate.  It was a terrier-mutt, she had black hair so we called her Oprah. She was very very hostile to everyone, especially to me. She won't attack me or so, but she won't let me pet her either. I tried to reach my hand to her head, and she attempted to bite me. So I gave up. After 3 days,  there she was chasing the rabbits, just like a wild dog. I stopped her and she went back to her cage. An instance came when Trixie broke free of her leash, and chased the rabbits herself. And after a while, Oprah joined in. This happened while we were asleep. I woke up with my dad saying that I have to get Ihid’s body from our storage room (a room beside our gate) Ihid apparently was trapped inside there, hiding from the dogs. I ran quickly and found Oprah near the storage’s door. I shooed her off. But trixie was still there, I tried to shoo her off, but it seemed like she was so bloodthirsty on killing Ihid. I hated trixie that time, but she couldn’t really kill Ihid. She just chased her for fun. Apparently, the rabbit didn’t get the same message, maybe because Oprah, didn’t chase her for fun, but because Oprah wanted to kill the rabbit. Ihid didn’t have bite marks, or even blood. I checked on her ears, and it was really cold. She died of a heart attack.  It was Christmas, December 24, and it was the saddest Christmas ever.
I was really mad about what happened. We buried Ihid in the backyard, beside sonic. After that, I threw in my rage at Oprah. I shook her cage violently, tried to hit her, and kick her. She was traumatized that’s why, she's still afraid of me now. I found Baxter in the backyard, still shaking and cold, so I let her inside the house. I promised to take care of her, and do everything to let her live. I locked Oprah’s cage, and my dad leashed Trixie again.
 I set Baxter free in the backyard, assuming it was safe. I never heard of her days afterwards. I assumed everything was okay, and Baxter lived peacefully. After a week, I tried to find Baxter, but I couldn’t seem to find her. I thought she was just hiding or resting, so I didn’t mind sweating on the search. Another week has passed and it seemed weird that I still couldn’t find her. Yet another week passed and I started to worry. I asked my mom where Baxter was, and she said that Baxter died 3 days just after Ihid. THE BASTARDS. NEVER. TOLD ME.  I found out that Trixie had broken free from her leash again, and Oprah could escape from the cage. That time, I really wanted to kill Oprah. First, she doesn’t let me touch her, and she's  the newest dog in our house, and just within one week, she killed my two precious rabbits. I couldn’t do anything about it.
After one month, my hatred for Oprah had cooled down a bit. I tried to pet her a couple of times, and I finally did. I tried to tame her by giving her food. She was hesitant to get it from my hand, but she tried. I can feed and pet her inside the cage. But whenever were outside, she quickly runs inside the cage. She feels safe there.
As time passed Oprah became less afraid of me. Whenever we open the gate, she always tries to get outside. But the instance she gets a sight of me, she quickly runs inside the gate, and back to her cage. I don’t even have to say a word. A time came when she went outside and there a really ugly dog from our neighbours mated with her. The dog was so ugly, he was a pure mutt. A really ugly mutt. And I was really angry at Oprah because she just got pregnant with that ugly mutt. Anyway, just almost 2 weeks ago, she gave birth to 4 puppies. 1 white, and 3 black. I don’t know their names, as they were just recently named by my sister.
Now, they can stand up on their own and learned how to walk. They also know how to bark (squeaky one). They are still as small as my hand. And I hope they won't turn out ugly.
My dad has been mentioned quite a lot here, it's because he’s not an animal lover. He never was. He is responsible for the death of the rottweilers and of the rabbits. My mom hadn’t been mentioned here because she's pretty much boring.

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