Sunday, May 8, 2011

Lets talk about SPORTS

Earlier, I didn't finish watching the Pacquiao-Mosley Boxing match because I was bored. I lasted watching it til round 6, besides, I already knew who won (Pacquiao) and I did not feel like continuing to watch it any longer since my friends said he won via UNANIMOUS decision... no knock outs, no fun. I don't particularly like boxing, but it's really a great game if your'e just an observer.

Same goes for Basketball. The heated NBA playoffs are the subject for most of my Facebook friends' status. Currently its Lakers vs Mavericks. Most of my friends are full-blooded Lakers fans... sure sure.. Lakers were good a long time ago, Shaquille O'neal + Kobe Bryant stuff, but when compared to Dallas Mavericks now, it is a clear mismatch. Now, I'm not a fan of Dallas Mavericks because I followed their every game since childhood, but because the first time my dad bought a computer, there were games that were already installed in it, like Warcraft III: Reign of Chaos, C&C Generals, and NBA Live 2003 (I guess this was the year, I was in the 3rd grade at that time, I'm now in 2nd yr college). That given, I fell in love with the Dallas Mavericks team, they are the only team I used in playing the game, their records isnt that good, but I can see their potentials. All I remember was Dirk Nowitzki, really great player, and Steve Nash, REALLY REALLY fast. I'm sorry Steve Nash transferred to Phoenix Suns after that year. Still, the Mavericks are really great.
In real life, I don't play Basketball. I tried to learn it during 6th grade, but it was because almost every boy in my school knows how to play basketball since 3rd grade. I familiarized it, but then after 2 weeks, I stopped. It just not my kind of sport.

The sports I was looking for was the kind that involves everything, and is fast paced. Also the sports that makes you look cool to elite groups. That means, CHESS is not an option. I suck at chess. Now I discovered Rock/Wall Climbing. My dad was a mountain climber/ photographer. Thats where I learned about it. I tried it and it actually suited my taste. I climb fast, without fear and hesitation, and most of all I ENJOYED it.

Now when I was about 15, I learned about Parkour. Add in my ninja childhood fantasies and you'll have a deluded 15 yr old urban ninja. Seriously Parkour is great. It IS fast paced, it FEELS great while doing it, and it actually makes me look cool and boosts my self confidence.

The bottom line is, I really think these modern extreme sports are the best for me. And I will forever remain as an observer to basketball games, chess, and the rest of the sports.


  1. Yeah might as well enjoy NBA while it exists. With the recent lows in its popularity, they're probably going to cut down the players' pay and the players won't play = byebye NBA

  2. make steroids legal then ill watch sports

  3. I like the NBA, I'd rather play the sport than watch it, however.

  4. good post, but some advice. maybe not write so much, or include some pictures help keep bloggers interested. good to see another sports fan


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