Sunday, May 15, 2011

Blog views

I honestly don’t get many views in this blog.  I could go as far as 200 views per day (when I am online), and as low as 0 views. So that means, I must be online everyday to drive more traffic to my blog. 

Anyway, I already made a twitter account for this blog, and I also plan on making a facebook fanpage.

 I will also revamp this blog’s design, from the preset templates, to my costumized one. Trust me, I used to do these things (making layouts and graphic designing) once, but not since my mom cut off our internet connection at home last November. That’s why, I always have to go around my grandparents house (I don’t think it's still a good idea to go there anymore, after what Ive said on Facebook regarding my grandparents) or in the internet cafés.

Anyway, I promise, in 2 weeks time, I will get this blog furnished so that I can place my regular posts.

I could need a few followers.


  1. A man, your grandparents must live nearby. I guess it sucks not having internet at home.
    Don't worry about your blog, it just needs some time to settle I guess.

  2. my grandparents house is like 2 miles away. : (

    but I cant go there now, Ive said something insulting to my grandpa in facebook, now theyve seen it, theyre furious with me.

  3. c'mon man .. try to post regularly.... "content is king"

  4. I feel you man, I had like 450 views one day and 75 the next. I think my twitter got linked on a high-traffic site.

  5. that's coz' nobody wants to read about you and your self obsession. i'm just here coz' i don't like you.


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